Vero Medic - Compression Socks

Color & Pairs: 3 Blue Pairs
Size: S/M
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  • Finally! Feel immediate comfort with your new Vero Medic Compression Socks!
  • We're crazy about keeping your feet and legs in excellent condition to go the distance in style! Very easy to put on our 100% Awesome Compression Socks are ridiculously soft, and breathable and help reduce swelling, varicose veins, and the chance of blood clots, improve circulation, and most importantly relieve leg & foot pain.

Feel the difference from Day 1!

  • Your legs will feel great and comfortable when you put on our compression socks on day 1.
  • Plus, our stylish and easy-to-wear design allows you to wear your compression socks anywhere you go without feeling self-conscious, you can even sleep with them!  You’ll be able to feel and look better anytime, anywhere. 
    • 20-30 mmHg
    • Unisex fit & 4 colors
    • Toe and heel padding leaves your feet comfortable
    • 360° seamless compression for everyday wear
    • Moisture control and antimicrobial

    * All socks come in pairs 

    US Shoe Size - Men
    4XL: Men Shoe Size: 9-15+ Calf Size: 21"-23"
    5XL: Men Shoe Size: 9-15+ Calf Size: 24"-26"

    US Shoe Size - Women
    4XL: Men Shoe Size: 12-16 Calf Size: 22"-25"
    5XL: Men Shoe Size: 13-17 Calf Size: 26"-28"