Perfect Cute shape Egg Cooker

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Make any delicious egg dishes with no more peeling with this Perfect Egg Cooker! Will shape an egg into different cute shapes with just a crack and boil steps! 
This product can quickly and easily make hard, soft-boiled, patterned eggs with its perfect size shaper! Makes a great kitchen tool for professional or ordinary cooking use! 
No worries about the pot size cause this product fits perfectly in any pot!  Designed for easy storage and conveniently made to save your time cooking!

• Quick Egg Shaper
Will quickly shape Cute egg, comes with detachable and handy features, can put 0-4 pcs egg cooker in the pot as your needs!
• Secures Egg when Boiling
Has detachable and secured lock lids, giving you a safe holding on the food when boiled! Can circulate the hot air easily and fastens the steaming process with many holes design.
• High Heat Resistant
Durably made and temperature safe sustains from -40°F to +248°F (-40℃ to +120℃), won’t easily melt which allows you to make a delicious egg in a long time!

• Non-Stick Silicone Cooker
 BPA-free and has non-stick silicone egg cooking cups, giving you comfort and easy separation from the cup when cooked!

• Easy to Use
Very easy to use, just crack the eggs, pour into an egglettes egg cooker, and let it float in boiling into the water for a few minutes (10-15 min) to cook!

• Multifunctional Cooking
Can mix and prepare your own egg dishes recipes easier such as make soft, medium, hard-boiled eggs, mini omelets, salads, and more!

  • Material: Plastic(PP5)
  • Color:Gray,Pink,Blue
  • Size:7.5 x 7cm
  • Perfect Egg Cooker x Set (4pcs)
  • Brush