Weed Iron Rake

Style: 4 tooth
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It uses a unique sharp tooth design it's an efficient hand tool for gardeners.

It can be used for daily gardening work such as weeding, loosening the soil, planting vegetables, etc. After the hoe reaches out, pull it back to quickly weed

  • Easy and effortless weeding and soil loosening
  • High carbon steel material, sharp edge more durable.
  • Can beat hard clods or stubborn weeds.
  • Wide range of uses: household weeding/ditching/soil loosening/seeding/planing equal.

  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Pore diameter: 1.18"
  • Size Chart:
    • 4 Tooth: 6.7"x5.5"
    • 5 Tooth: 8.2"x5.5"
    • 6 Tooth: 9.8"x5.5"
    • 7 Tooth: 11.4.5x5.5"

Package Includes:

  • 1 PC x Gardening Hoe Weeding Rake(not included wooden handle