Dual-Sided Magnetic Phone Holder with Suction Cup

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Magnetic Car Suction Cup Holder】Our innovative and versatile magnetized car suction cup holder offers a secure and convenient solution for holding your belongings while on the go. Whether you need a reliable mount for your smartphone, GPS device, or even your keys, this magnetic holder has got you covered.

CAR ADSORPTION Can be used forwindshield adsorption in. front of the central control screen

Easy Installation】With its strong suction cup base, our Magnetic Car Suction Cup Holder can be easily attached to any smooth surface in your vehicle, such as the dashboard, windshield, or even the backseat window. Simply place the holder in your desired location, press down firmly, and it will securely stay in place.


360-Degree Rotation】The unique design of our Magnetic Car Suction Cup Holder allows for a full 360-degree rotation, providing you with the flexibility to adjust the viewing angle to suit your needs. Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, this holder ensures that your device stays in the perfect position for optimal visibility and accessibility.

High-quality material ingenuity production

Strong Magnetic Grip】Equipped with powerful magnets, our Magnetic Car Suction Cup Holder provides a secure and stable hold for your devices, preventing them from slipping or falling while driving. You can trust that your valuable belongings will stay in place, even on bumpy roads or during sudden stops.

Applicable to various environments

Universal Compatibility】Designed to fit most smartphones, GPS devices, and other small items, our Magnetic Car Suction Cup Holder is compatible with a wide range of brands and models. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for a specific mount for each different device – our universal holder is all you need.

Product Properties


  • Material Aluminum: Zinc alloy+ABS  size 85* 65 * 65mm
  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Adsorption pressure: min 18Kpa--65Kpa