Skull Glasses Holder Stand

Color: Black
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If you wear glasses of any kind, you know you’re going to need somewhere to set them when you lay down for bed, wear contacts for the day or switch them out for sunglasses. In any of these cases, holding your glasses frames is a main priority — and double points if you hold them with something that reminds you of your mortal frame, too.

These are the perfect functional sculpture decorations for those with a dark side. Sure, you could just hold your glasses in a boring old glasses case, but then you won’t get to see them as often and you have to open and close the case every time you get them or put them away.

With the skull glasses holder, they’re simply floating in front of where the skull’s eyes would be if it was still alive and had a face just like you.


  • Size: About 5.5*2.8 in
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Material: Natural Resin
  • Shape: Skull

Packing list:

  • 1Pc x  Skull Glasses Holder