Meditation Tea Light Candle Holders Golden Lotus & Buddha carving Tealight

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A beautiful Lotus & Buddha carving Tealight Candle Holder that will add a warm, relaxing glow to your meditation practice at your home, or anywhere that needs zen.

Crafted by traditional artisans from the Buddha Temple, the golden lotus candle holder emits a warm lotus flower glowing impression on your wall when your candle is lit up.


Lotus A Size: approx. 9.3x9cm / 3.66x 3.54 inch
Buddha B : approx. 9.3x11.5cm / 3.66x4.53 inch
Buddha C : Size: approx. 9.3x11cm / 3.66x4.33 inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Candle Holder