Chicken Shape 4 Eggs Steamer & Boiler

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Chicken Shape 4 Eggs Steamer & Boiler 
  • Chicken Design  4 Eggs Steamer
  • Can steam 4 eggs at a time, convenient and fast.
  • Can cook steamed bread, bread, dumplings and other food.
How to use:
  • Pour water into the bottom of the steamer to the waterline.
  • Put the whole egg into the steamer.
  • Align the upper cover and fasten it.
  • According to personal taste, adjust the tenderness of eggs.
  • When the microwave oven is set to 400-500w (about medium and high fire), the cooking time is as follows:
    • Fully cooked eggs for about 8 minutes.
    • Tender heart for about 7 minutes.
    • Filter eggs for about 6 minutes.
  • Type: Egg Steamer
  • Material: PP, Aluminum Alloy
  • Features: Rust Resistance, 4 Eggs, Easy to Operate, Chicken Shaped
  • Size: 13.3cm x 15.7cm x 15.7cm/5.24" x 6.18" x 6.18" (Approx.)