20 Inch Scooter suitcase

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  • This awesome Scooter Suitcase is perfect for traveling. This is a suitcase with an integral kickboard, designed to help highflyers move quickly and effortlessly through airports. It folds up into conventional wheeled luggage and the handlebar retracts for carrying or placing into standard-size overhead airplane luggage compartments.
Scooter Suitcase The Perfect Scooter Luggage For Traveling Black Silver Scooter Bag

This is a great way to get thru the airport fast!

  • This Luggage Scooter is designed for adults to use in the airport and airport terminal, the combination of suitcase and skateboard is fashionable and eye-catching, making your journey more enjoyable. The Scooter Suitcase is perfect for adult travelers because of its extra-durable, sleek design and large carrying capacity. It also features plenty of ergonomic options for added comfort during travel.

Traveling has never been so convenient and fun!

  • This is a foldable suitcase with a skateboard that is designed to get you through the road quickly, saving you time and attracting others. Designed for travel, business, and all occasions where a suitcase or luggage is used, it is especially suitable for schools and airports. 
  • This suitcase scooter is best used in buildings, airports, offices, and train stations. The case is large enough for a 1-to-2-night trip. 
Scooter Suitcase The Perfect Scooter Luggage For Traveling Black Silver Scooter Bag

Ergonomic Design!

  • 20-inch Scooter suitcase, this Scooter Bag has a separate compartment for your PC, a place for business cards, and a place for folders, all of which can be easily accessed without disturbing the rest of your luggage.
  • This Suitcase is equipped with a steering fixed rod and a steering screw reinforced link, which can effectively control the sliding direction, allowing you to be very free during the sliding process. 
  • The portable brake pad is easy to operate. You can easily stop the scooter by simply stepping on the brake pads with your foot.


  • Handle height: 95cm/37.4''
  • Front-wheel track:35cm/13.7''
  • Luggage: 55*37*31cm/21.6''*14.5''12.2''
  • Net weight: 5.1kg/11.2bl
  • Material:Pure PC
  • Frame material: aluminum
  • Front wheel: PU 100mm
  • Back wheel: PU 70mm
  • Brake way: Foot brake
  • Color:  Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Scooter Suitcase

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