EZ Planting Auger

Size: 1.6"x9" / 4cm x 22cm
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Dig hundreds of holes in minutes – without breaking your back.

Every gardener knows that digging is a tedious & time-consuming chore. Especially hard, rocky soil and clay can be tough to power through with traditional hand tools.

It’s time for an upgrade. Dig more holes in a fraction of the time – with the ultimate Garden Planting Auger!

Save Hours Of Heavy Manual Work!

Simply attach it to any drill and finish your entire garden before you know it! The spiral design allows you to dig up to 10x faster, which means less pain and better results.

No Limits!

Thanks to the reinforced metal, our auger digs quickly and smoothly even through the most compacted clay soil with minimal effort.

But it doesn't stop there! Use this versatile tool to simplify & speed up countless other tasks:

  •  Pulling weeds from the roots
  •  Cultivating & breaking up lumpy soil
  • Tilling the soil
  •  Aerating the compost heap
  •  Fertilizing shrubs & trees
  •  Digging post holes & trenches
  •  Mixing concrete & paint
  •  …and more! 

Quality You Can Rely On!

Crafted to last a lifetime. We use military-grade steel to ensure maximum durability. The thick coating prevents the auger from scratches and corrosion after every use.

Size Guide!

If you plan on using your auger to plant smaller plants, a 1.6-inch (diameter) auger will fit your needs. For bigger plants, shrubs, small trees, or post holes, you may prefer a 3-inch auger.

In case you are still unsure about the right size, you can pick the Complete Bundle to get all sizes while saving 30% extra!