Steel Leaf Rain Chain With Temple Bells

Style: Water bottle
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Your garden will only be happy when it rains with our sweet-sounding Steel Leaf Rain Chain With Temple Bells hanging from your home's soffit or eave. Crafted of steel with a flamed copper finish, each aspen-shaped leaf is linked together and holds a small, whimsical bell. Due to surface tension, the rainwater adheres to the steel chain, cascading down the bells, and causing them to ring softly. Used in place of an unsightly downspout, this musical rain chain's elegant appearance will complement any home's outdoor décor. Hang this leaf rain chain over a drain or basin to collect water.

  • Aspen Leaf Steel Rain Chain With Bells
  • An elegant alternative to downspouts
  • Breaks the fall of rainwater due to surface tension
  • Water rings bells as it cascades down the chain
  • Steel with flamed copper finish