Christmas Plant Covers - Freeze and Frost Protection For Plants

Style: Skull
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Quick And Easy To Use And Give Your Plants Instant Protection From Frost And Other Harsh Weather.

  • 【Plant Freeze Protection】The plant cover can prevent frost, snow, and low temperature in winter. Protect plants while letting air and moisture pass through and maintain healthy growth, Many sizes are available. 
  • 【Cute Christmas Pattern】This plant protection cover has a beautiful pattern printing design, which can play a better decorative role and make your garden more lively and cute. The patterns include a red scarf, old boy, old man head, skull head, carrot, and snowflake.
  • 【Drawstring Design】The bottom of this plant protection cover has an adjustable drawstring design, which can be fixed and contracted according to the actual size of the protected plant to make it fitter and safer, and windproof so that the cover will not be easily blown by the wind go.
  • 【Multi Purposes】The plant warm blanket not only protects outdoor plants from extreme cold frost, rain, and snow but also protects plants from birds, deer, rabbits, and other pests, providing healthy growing conditions for your plants. It is widely applicable to all kinds of potted plants, saplings, fruit seedlings, etc.


  • Material: non-woven fabric
  • Size:
    • Red scarf style: 110 x 90 cm
    • Old boy style: 105 x 92 cm
    • Old man head style: 110 x 90 cm
    • Skull head style: 110 x 90 cm
    • Carrot style: 110 x 90 cm
    • Snowflake style: 110 x 86 cm